In heat of the earthquake that shook Indonesia, which sparked Mount Merapi’s eruption and the destructive tsunami off the coast of Sumatra, Surfaid has been actively involved in supplying relief to locals and those affected by the natural disaster. Only hours after the 6-10 foot tsunami washed through the Mentawais, Surfaid launched an emergency response to assess damages and send out the first batch of first-aid supplies.  Due to the remoteness of the areas affected, the Indonesian Government requested that Surfaid take a leading position providing data concerning the various locations of devastation.  Massive storms and harsh weather passing through the Mentawais have hindered Surfaid’s relief efforts.  The death toll has risen to 431, 88 people have been counted as missing and 400 reportedly injured.

Surfaid CEO Andrew Judge requests more aid for the Tsunami Appeal, “We have budgeted to spend $2.86 million in the Mentawai after the tsunami and we need to raise nearly one-quarter of this through our public appeal.”

To donate to help the 15,000 people left homeless click here.


This Thursday, September 9, The Blue Project is hosting “No Leash Required“, a special event featuring food, live music, and special guests at Malibu Wines.  The event will also feature a live auction including boards, designer jewelry, clothing, and original art donated from painters, shapers, and photographers.  All proceeds will be donated to Surfaid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health, well being, and self reliance of people living in isolated communities staying connected through surfing.  What better way to kick off the MSA opening night than attending an event filled with fellow surfers, friends, and good story all for a beneficial cause?  Cheers!