Surfers Healing – Surf Camp for Autism

November 27, 2010

At any given time a surfer can easily list off at least ten different ways surfing is beneficial to one’s health.  Some surfers are convinced it’s the Vitamin D absorbed from exposure to sun rays, or the cleansing properties of salt water, or the high that is only achieved through total immersion in nature’s raw elements.  Regardless of where each surfer discovers his own refuge, all agree that the ocean provides a sanctuary to all that seek healing.

Israel and Danielle Paskowitz witnessed their son Isaiah find his balance in surfing.  Diagnosed with autism at age three, Isaiah discovered peace in the ocean when his father took him tandem surfing.  Realizing the comfort Isaiah experienced while surfing, the Paskowitzs’ organized Surfers Healing; a camp dedicated to sharing the miracle of surfing with autistic children and their families.  The camps rely fully on volunteer support in order to ensure free access to all families that wish to participate.  Each child is individually introduced to the ocean and given private lessons from an experienced surfer volunteer.  Contact for more details about volunteering.


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