The Sea Turtle Restoration Project fights to protect endangered sea turtle populations worldwide.  Founded in 1989, the STRP is a project of Turtle Island Restoration Network, a non-profit organization based in California.  Unlike TIRN which focuses on preserving all marine life, STRP uses a combination of grassroots education, legal pressure, hands-on conservation, media, research and policy advocacy to direct their attention to sea turtles.  STRP recognizes the sea turtle endangerment as not only a single species tragedy, but also acknowledges the necessary shift humans must take to develop a healthier relationship with the natural environment.

The website features details on TIRN’s 12 campaigns, a few of which include:

BP Gulf Oil Spill – Help aid the sea turtles that have been affected by the tragic BP oil spill disaster.

Climate Change and Sea Turtles – Impacts of global climate change on sea turtles.

Australia’s Sea Turtles – Threatened by industrial development, the sea turtles in Northwest Australia are on the edge of extinction.

Marine Mammals – Whales, dolphins, and seals need immediate attention and protection from fisheries and human activities.

Saving the Sea Turtles from Fisheries – Each year tens of thousands sea turtles are accidentally trapped and harmed by US commercial fishing.

Kemp Ridley Protection – Seeking to protect the endangered Kemp Ridley sea turtle nesting ground in Texas.

Bag the Plastics – Fights to decrease the amount of plastics that litter our oceans and harm our marine life.

Sea Turtle Restoration even offers awesome trips such as “Meet the Flatback” Eco-Tour, which is a 7 day excursion in the Australian flatback in which participants patrol the white sand beaches at night for sea turtle nesting grounds then relax during the day at a multi-award winning eco-resort.  Or win a trip for two to a Cocos Island, Costa Rica scuba diving expedition (worth $13,280).  This 10-day, 11 night journey features one of the world’s greatest scuba diving locations and proceeds will support sea turtle and shark protection efforts.  They even offer careers, internships, and volunteer opportunities for those looking to take a greater stance in involvement.

And for those of you still contemplating a last-minute Halloween costume, why not make a statement and create your own sea turtle outfit? Follow the easy step-by-step instructions that will ensure not only making a statement and coolest costume at the party.