(Top Photo: Cobquera, Chile.  Bottom Photo: Mundaka, Spain)

Save the Waves, a non-profit organization dedicated to preservation of coastlines and marine life, monitors surf spots world wide and campaigns to save endangered waves.  Their list of endangered waves encourages ocean enthusiasts to participate in their fight to rescue waves from destruction.

Unfortunately some of the world’s greatest breaks are ranked on the list including Cobquera Chile, Mundaka Spain, Playa Teta Panama and Gijon Spain.  Once lost a break can never be recreated, redeemed, or restored to its former glory.  It is vital we all take action and make the efforts to end the destruction of these waves now, before they are lost forever.  To read more about how to save the four breaks above, click here.  To buy Save the Wave’s documentaries on ocean and surf preservation, click here…you might just find the perfect holiday gift for your family’s ocean enthusiast.


Planning a day trip to a Santa Barbara beach?  Did you know you can check the status of ocean water and find out which beaches have posted warnings even two days prior online?  Check out the county of Santa Barbara’s website here.

Since 1966 the Santa Barbara county has done weekly testing of the ocean on 20 local beaches (16 more recently due to budget constraints).

Find out or see something that looks wrong or causes concern…Send an email to these groups and make a difference.It took one person (Gordon Polk) sitting in front of a county bulldozer in Malibu during the 1980’s that led to the formation of the Surfrider Foundation. One small act, one big result. What can you do today to make a difference for our beaches tomorrow?

Project Clean Water