Despite efforts from Australia’s government and numerous activist groups, Japan continues to aggressively hunt the ocean’s dwindling dolphin and whale populations.  May 31, 2010:  Australia declared decision to sue Japan at International Court of Justice on ruthless and brutal hunting of endangered whales.  Their action was spurred by Japan’s continuation of whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, an area dedicated to the preservation of global whale populations.  Japan argues their practice is justified by the International Whaling Commission act, IWC Article VIII, that allows the killing of whales for scientific purposes.

Similar action to Australia’s recent law suit has been taken against Japan for their mass slaughtering of dolphins at the killing cove in Taiji, Japan.  Surfers for Cetaceans is the activist group mainly responsible for exposing the dolphin hunters.

How to help:

Minds in the Water, follows professional surfer Dave Rastovich as he globe trots fighting to protect dolphins and whales from hunters.  Actively participate in the dolphin and whale population by joining the visual petition.