Kelly Slater – Return of the King, Hurley Pro 2010

September 21, 2010

September 19, 2010. Huntington Beach, CA.

Surfing world champion Kelly Slater returned to the throne yesterday by ripping in perfect 6-foot swell at Trestles making him four time winner of the Hurley Pro tour.  His total number of elite pro tour wins now counts to 43 positioning him in the lead for this year’s ASP World Title Race.  Congratulations Kelly!

Other than his obvious ability to rip any wave and master any break, Kelly has gained respect in the surfing community for his involvement and effort fighting towards environmental change and humanitarian work.  He has utilized his position in the spotlight to draw attention to the non-profit organization Reef Check.  The group is dedicated to protecting and conserving two ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs.  As a world-renowned surfer, Kelly has evoked concern amongst the surfing community for the worlds’ reefs and directed watermen to participate with Reef Check.

In addition to his involvement with Reef Check, Kelly is connected to the Borgen Project, a national campaign working to bring US political attention to global poverty.  Their goal is to pressure the US Congress and White House to reconsider how the country’s resources are spent.  Through education and shocking statistics, the Borgen Project hopes to inspire US authorities to discuss and rethink the ways in which our national “piggy bank” is spent.

Annual Cost of Improving the World

  • $19 billion: Eliminates starvation and malnutrition globally.
  • $12 billion: Provides education for every kid on earth.
  • $15 billion: Provides access to water and sanitation.
  • $23 billion: Reverses the spread of AIDS and Malaria.

The Cost in Perspective

  • $420 billion: U.S. Military budget this year.
  • $340 billion: Cost of Iraq War thus far.
  • (Sources: World Bank, National Priorities Project )

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