“Save the Whales Again”: Efforts to End Mass Murdering of Dolphins In Taiji, Japan

September 10, 2010

In October 2007 one of my favorite surfers, Dave Rastovich, joined by actresses Isabel Lucas and Hayden Panettiere participated in a peaceful paddle out in the waters of Taiji, Japan.  Acting as spokespersons for Save the Whales Again the group hoped to raise public awareness to the threats facing dolphins and whales in ocean habitats from human interaction and global warming.  The group risked arrest and injury to paddle out in honor of the 25,000 dolphins slaughtered each year in Japan.  Their efforts fought to draw attention to the grotesque mass murder of a species vital to our oceans.

This past June 2010, Save the Whales Again presented the International Whaling Commission with a petition to stop all commercial and scientific whaling by Japan, Norway, and Iceland.  Jeff Pantukhoff represented the 230,000 people that signed the petition by presenting it to the IWC in Agadir, Morocco.

Creatures of the sea deserve our attention and rely on our efforts to remain protected in their natural habitat.

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